Tidal River Open Space

Wilsons Promontory National Park (The Prom) is one of Victoria’s most treasured parks. At the heart of this magnificent natural environment is Tidal River, the launching pad for visitors, to help them begin their adventure into the wild. Tidal River’s string of facilities (including the provision of accommodation, food, supplies and information) supports the needs of the 400,000 plus annual visitors to The Prom. However, notwithstanding the excellent amenities already in place at Tidal River to serve The Prom community, there something missing… At present, there is no central coherent place for people to meet, gather, socialise and to begin their connection to, and appreciation of, The Prom.

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The Tidal River Open Space Vision

To create a beautiful, natural setting where adults can gather, and kids can explore and play.

Tidal River Open Space is designed to draw people into the story of The Prom and bridge the gap between contrived and wild places that make this park so spectacular. Details in the space are designed to excite visitors’ curiosity about The Prom and invite them to explore the real thing.

6 - Tidal River Open Space Site

The space allocated for the project.

1 - Tidal River Open Space concept drawingConcept drawing by Jeavons Landscape Architects


The space has been designed to comply with access and mobility standards

Who is Driving the Project?

Tidal River Open Space Committee

The Tidal River Open Space Committee is a group of dedicated local community members championing Tidal River Open Space - consulting with community, generating resources, and engaging with supporters across a variety of sectors to help deliver this important project.

The People and Parks Foundation is committed to supporting community to deliver this transformative project. We develop resources for projects connecting people to nature for healthier people, places and planet. 

Parks Victoria is committed to delivering works on the ground across Victoria’s park network to protect and enhance park values. Parks Victoria works to foster constructive partnerships to deliver a positive, memorable visitor experience.

The Tidal River Open Space project represents the confluence of a shared vision between the Tidal River Open Space community, the People and Parks Foundation, and Parks Victoria.

A gathering place 

A place for relaxation

A place to connect

A place to play

A place to celebrate the natural wilderness of The Prom

A place to discover the significant heritage of The Prom

Visitors and Tourism

The Prom delivers critical economic benefits to the surrounding regions. Tidal River Open Space is designed to enhance the existing recreational facilities at Tidal River and increase visitation to the park, which directly benefits the local tourism industry. It provides an outstanding first impression for visitors, whetting their appetite to explore further. It also represents an opportunity to increase visitation to the region, providing a boost for the local economy, particularly those involved in hospitality and other tourism-based services.


The Prom community is wide and varied. Anyone who has an emotional connection to the park is a part of that community. Locals talk about The Prom with a sense of ownership and great pride. Visitors come back year after year, because their connection to The Prom and its surrounds is visceral and powerful. It‘s an important place featured extensively in the shared history of the region and contributing to countless personal stories. Tidal River Open Space reflects this sense of local connection in a tangible way.

Meeting Safety Standards

Safety for the users of the space, and ease of management by Parks staff are important considerations informing the design of the space. The design conforms to the latest playground standards, to be refined as the design develops.

The space has been designed to comply with access and mobility standards

How can you support the Tidal River Open Space project?

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